So About That Ridiculous Mark Hunt Action Figure…

Mark Hunt Action Figure
Mark Hunt Action Figure // World Box

Every now and then, something so ludicrous comes around in the MMA world that you can’t help but laugh. That’s exactly what this Mark Hunt action figure is. Photos and stories about the toy have been making the rounds the last few days, but lets be clear: it’s not as bad as it seems. It is still hilarious, however.

First off, here’s the actual toy, clothed, like it probably should be (the same can be said for the real life Mark Hunt, with apologies so he doesn’t hit us!).

Mark Hunt Action Figure // World Box

Man boobs aside, it’s not a terrible action figure. Sure, it lacks Mark Hunt’s signature tattoos, including his most recent chest piece — but that’s kind of the point. See, the photo that is causing all the ruckus here is one with the UFC shorts stripped off, which makes this basically a fat guy with Mark Hunt’s head. This is actually the World Box “Plump Body” model, and can be used for any number of action figures. The detachable hands seem to be a normal thing as well.

Hunt’s own reaction, that sent the image around the MMA media, is predictably hilarious (he seemed to take it all in stride):

Now, making action figures anatomically correct (well, somewhat, since there’s no real way of knowing whether little Mark is actually anatomically correct without getting way too close to big Mark Hunt) is questionable really, but other than that, this is really just a model type the company will push, not something made specifically for Hunt’s figure.

Here’s the figure (the non-Hunt model) from the back:

The real question is why the company opted to release a promotional photo of the Hunt figure with the clothing removed. Unless they think that naked Samoan fighters are all the rage with the kids these days.

Instead of playing with his action figure, Mark Hunt (12–11–1 (1)) will be busy preparing for an upcoming showdown with the surging Derrick Lewis (18–4 (1) at UFC Fight Night 100 in Hunt’s native New Zealand. Lewis will look to make it seven straight wins, while Hunt will be looking for his first win since his KO of Frank Mir back in March 2016.


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