Sean Strickland: “Backups Are Bullsh*t,” But Belt Coming Back to Amercia

Las Vegas — Sean Strickland has been vocal that he should be next in line for the UFC’s middleweight championship, but it will be Israel Adesanya challenging Dricus Du Plessis next for 185lb supremacy.

With that in mind, many fans turned their eye to a possible back-up spot for Strickland, with the fight less than two months away at UFC 305.

Strickland (29-6), however, appears less than enthused about being a backup fighter, given there’s no guarantee of actually fighting for the belt.

“Backups are bullsh*t, it doesn’t really matter. You can be the backup, you don’t get the shot,” Strickland told Cageside Press during UFC X recently. “Being a backup means f*ck all, nothing. But I’m the number one contender, I defended my spot, I’m next in line, we’re bringing that belt back to America. It’s f*cking happening.”

When that happens remains to be seen. Strickland, who returned to the win column with a victory over Paulo Costa in March, has said he’s willing to sit and wait for a title shot. Whether the UFC is on board with that remains to be seen.

In the meantime, Strickland continues to carry a high profile, though to hear him tell it, he hasn’t really noticed much. “My life, I don’t get out much, so it’s like nothing changes in my life. I don’t even know unless I’m out in places like this.”

As for the new crop of middleweights rising up the UFC ranks, names like Shara Bullet have yet to capture Strickland’s attention. “There’s always new contenders you guys, there’s always somebody f*cking new,” exclaimed Strickland, admitting that he doesn’t actually watch UFC fights. “I’m going for the belt, and once then I take it, whoever the f*ck they want to give my way, let’s do it.”

Watch our full interview with Sean Strickland from UFC X above.