Ian Garry Respects MVP, Nicknames Him “Dead”

Las Vegas – UFC welterweight Ian Garry had a good laugh before going in on Michael ‘Venom’ Page who he faces at UFC 303 on Saturday night.

Page had said earlier in the day that, had this fight happened in Bellator, he’d be accused of fighting yet another can to which Garry burst out in a sarcastic laugh.

“Mate…let’s be real about that. How so? What he’s trying to do is talk out of his f*cking arse and make it that he’s more elite than me,” Garry told reporters including Cageside Press on Wednesday.

“Seven wins in the UFC. 14-0 undefeated. I’ve beaten 3 ranked opponents. I am on my way to be a world champion. There’s a reason why everyone’s talking about me being one of the best prospects this sport’s ever seen.”

Garry (14-0) was almost dumbfounded by MVP’s characterization of their fight would it have taken place in Bellator. The Irish star fired back a shot of his own.

“MVP is coming to the UFC to try to legitimize his career at Bellator. I’m going to end that on Saturday night,” he said.

With UFC 303 fight week fully underway Garry is very aware that MVP will pull out all of the tricks leading into their fight.

“MVP is very well spoken. He’s very well media trained,” he said.

“But I think he just doesn’t know how good I am and then links everything. Every person, when they say they fight me, I told you this time and time again. He says I’m not the level of the opponent I’ve faced before. He’s going to knock me out, he’s going to show me that he’s going to take me to deep water.”

All that said Garry still respects his opponent and the skills he’ll bring to the cage on fight night.

“Everyone that’s fought MVP is like he’s just a Bellator tick. The truth is you have to respect the skillset. I can respect him, but be so much better than him, and prove that on Saturday night,” he said.

“At the end of the day we’re getting locked in a cage together. I’m going to prove it myself. Whatever he has to say, whatever I have to say, means f*ck all. Saturday night I’m getting my hand raised and that’s my job.”

Some of the trash talk from MVP was actually repeats of things Garry has heard before with the exception of one thing. He called Garry “BBL version” of Conor McGregor playing off the recent rap beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Metro Boomin, who created a beat for Lamar, made a diss beat aimed at Drake calling him “BBL Drizzy”.

“Dead,” Garry responded when asked if he had a nickname for MVP.

Don’t blink on Saturday night.

Watch the entire media day scrum with Ian Garry above. He takes on Michael ‘Venom’ Page at UFC 303 on Saturday night.