UFC 303’s Alex Pereira Responds to Prochazka: “Everybody Has Their Own Spirits”

Las Vegas — Ahead of UFC 303’s short-notice main event between light heavyweight champ Alex Pereira and ex-champ Jiri Prochazka this weekend, a strange sort of debate has emerged.

Earlier in the week, appearing on The MMA Hour, Prochazka accused champ “Poatan” of using Shamans and spiritual help to aid in his fights. It’s a belief the challenger doubled down on during Wednesday’s UFC 303 media day — and one that Pereira (10-2) did not exactly deny when asked about the allegations in his own media day appearance.

“Everybody has their own spirits. We’re not only made of flesh and bone,” Pereira stated, speaking via translator. “I just found mine. If he did not find his or he does not believe, it’s not my fault.”

Prochazka had stated that he wanted a “clear” (perhaps meaning “clean”) fight between the two, referring to the use of magic and spiritualism. It doesn’t seem like he’ll be getting it, based on Pereira’s response.

The Brazilian, now a two-time UFC champion at middleweight and light heavyweight, has come a long way in his career. An image of him can still be found on Google maps, working at a tire shop in Brazil, he confirmed on Wednesday. The difference between the Alex Pereira then, and the one who casts an imposing specter before the 205lb division, is stark.

“Much more, I’m a true person. A guy that now has goals, has plans,” he said of the difference. “So I think somebody much different than before.”

Pereira also recently opened up about past struggles with alcoholism on his Youtube channel. “I felt like I had to tell the story, to show people that sometimes alcoholism doesn’t only effect you, but actually effects everybody around you,” Pereira said when asked about his decision to address the subject. “And I wanted to just show people that this sport can save you.”

Watch the full UFC 303 media day appearance by Alex Pereira above.