Shara Magomedov, “I’m a pirate who travels all seas”

UFC middleweight Shara “Bullet” Magomedov is used to having opponent switches at the last minute, and he gets Antonio Trocoli as his third opponent at UFC Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

“You know it’s nothing strange or nothing new for me,” Bullet told reporters on Thursday through a translator.

“Back when I was an amateur I would fight a new opponent everyday. They were switching so quickly that I didn’t even have a chance to learn anything about my next opponent so I would just fight. Nothing changes for me. I come out to do my work I come out to win.”

Bullet (12-0) gets Trocoli who has a very large reach advantage and presents some real problems at UFC Saudi Arabia.

“He’s a very tall guy. He’s taller than Alex Pereira and I think he’s larger than him. I don’t know. We’ll figure out a way to deal with it in the fight. I really don’t think that anything changes for me. I’m going to come out there, I’m going to try and do an A+ job,” he said.

“He is going to become a wrestler like all my other opponents.”

With Saudi Arabia checked off his list Bullet says he’d like to fight all over the world while he’s still an active fighter.

“There’s lots of places that I’d love to travel for, I’d love to fight at, lots of countries to fight for the fans. Abu Dhabi in October, Abu Dhabi in August, but other places such as Australia, and yeah United States” he said.

“I am a pirate. I travel all shores and all seas and I’m going to conquer all of them.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Shara “Bullet” Magomedov above. He takes on Antonio Trocoli on Saturday.