Archie Coglan Believes He’ll Be “Recognized by Many As One of the Greatest”

Lightweight Archie Coglan improved to 10-0 at Bellator Paris when he defeated French star Thibault Gouti in enemy territory.

While Coglan went the distance, it wasn’t for lack of effort. Early in the bout, Coglan had the fight on the ground, and at one point “I had 48 unanswered punches,” Coglan recalled in a recent interview with Cageside Press. “He was balled up, and the ref just kept saying ‘I’m going to stop the fight, I’m going to stop the fight,’ but he was saying that for like 20 seconds of me continuously punching him.”

Despite the warning, the ref never did stop the affair, nor did he deduct a point for frequent fouls by Gouti, including grabbling Coglan’s gloves as well as the fence. “I’m like bro, what are we doing? Penalize him. I know I’m winning the fight, but you can’t just keep grabbing my gloves and not get the repercussions for it, you can’t just keep grapping the fence on the takedown and not get repercussions.”

Despite not finding the finish, overall Archie Coglan is satisfied with his showing in Paris. “This was definitely my most dominant performance. A good fighter, he’s coming off- I didn’t actually know that his last six, he won five of six. I didn’t know that. Obviously he was a little bit older but he was still dangerous, coming off a knockout win, and I don’t think he won a second of the fight.”

Even with a 10-0 record, however, Coglan later added that “I do understand that I have things to get better at, under the light of pressure, of the performance, and actually showing the world when the time is right who I am.”

“I’m building into that person, I do think when it’s all said and done that I’m going to be recognized by many as one of the greatest. But I have some things to continue to build for sure. I’m excited and grateful to have those takeaways, I have that mindset to be able to think ‘yeah I’ve got some work to do.’ And I’m going to do the work, that’s the most exciting part, and we’re going to find out what that ceiling is.”

Watch our full interview with Bellator Paris star Archie Coglan above.