Brooke and VanZant Expected to Rematch in UK Following Draw

Elle Brooke and Paige VanZant fight to a draw at X Series 015. Photo: Misfits Boxing

Misfits champion Elle Brooke and Paige VanZant are expected to rematch following their split-draw on Saturday night.

A rematch between UFC veteran Paige VanZant and Elle Brooke is expected to take place in the UK later this year after the two fought to a closely contested draw on Saturday night.

Following the event, the broadcast and promoter Mams Taylor discussed a potential rematch between the two later this year as the promotion is expected to return to the UK and touch ground in Dubai later this year.  With Brooke being an English native, the idea of VanZant going into enemy territory for the rematch after Brooke came to America for the first fight feels like an easy storyline to sell.  This is also especially true as Misfits has a stronger presence in the UK compared to the United States and the rematch would be promoted as a bigger fight.

It should be noted that the fight has not been made official yet, with Brooke after the fight saying she was looking to take a week off and with talks of the two potentially fighting in Dubai rather than the UK.  That said, VanZant did say after the fight that she had signed a multi-fight deal with Misfits and it’s expected she will stay with the company for at least the foreseeable future.  While there are other fights that could be made for still reigning champion Brooke, her athleticism and boxing aptitude makes it more difficult to find matchups for her and so another fight with the big name and experienced VanZant who brings in attention from the MMA sphere makes for the ideal pairing.

The first fight between the two saw Brooke drop VanZant in the first round and the two split rounds two through four on the scorecards before an razor close fifth round.  In the end, the judges saw the fight as a split-draw with one judge giving the fight to VanZant, one to Brooke, and one scoring it even.

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