PFL 3’s Brendan Loughnane Expecting “Game” Carvalho

Chicago – Coming off a 10-month layoff PFL featherweight Brendan Loughnane is happy and ready to return when he takes on Pedro Carvalho at PFL 3: Regular Season 2024 on Friday night.

“On top of the world, happy to be back, happy to see you guys. Happy to see all the back staff, and ready to have some fun on Friday night,” Loughnane told Cageside Press on Wednesday.

“A lots changed, but it hasn’t really. It’s still a tournament. We still got four dates to attend to. We still got a great run organization so for me it doesn’t matter who the other 9 guys are. It’s just about being the best version of myself, and painting a picture on Friday night.”

Loughnane (27-5) got an early exit from last season’s tournament when he lost to Jesus Pinedo in June. It gave the PFL veteran an early out, but also a lot of time to recover.

“I needed that time off. I didn’t know I needed it as much as I actually needed it. I’ve been stuck in this tumble dryer for three years now where you don’t really get any time off and you’re just fighting all the time. To go out early last season and kind of go and lick my wounds, get better, have a bit of time off with my friends and family, and now come back here refreshed and reinvigorated,” he said.

This Friday night he gets Carvalho who comes over to PFL as part of the Bellator purchase.

“Well he is game,” he said.

“Exactly. He’s game. He’s going to come and fight me. That’s what makes it exciting.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Brendan Loughnane above. He takes on Pedro Carvalho this Friday night in Chicago.