Jon Jones Told Drug Testers His Home “Could Be A Dangerous Environment” If They Arrive Early

Jon Jones, UFC Hall of Fame
Jon Jones, UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Jon Jones has provided a telephone statement to police investigating a reported death threat lodged against him by Drug Free Sport sample collectors following an incident late last month.

According to an updated incident report provided to SportsNet’s Aaron Bronsteter, police interviewed Jones on Saturday, April 6, 2024 at which time the UFC star admitted that he had been bothered by the DFS official’s unannounced visit on March 30 because he was “hungover from the night before.” He also labelled the Drug Free Sport employee who made the allegations a “liar.”

According to Jones, what he told the individual was “Tell everyone at headquarters, not to send people to my home early because it could be a dangerous environment.” Jones clarified for investigators that he was referring to the chance that a party could be going on, or other individuals present.

Jones additionally disputed claims that he threatened to sue Crystal, the complainant, but did admit to threatening to sue a second Drug Free Sport employee over what he considered an HIPAA violation, for bringing a non-Drug Free Sport employed individual to his home. As far as taking the complainant’s phone, Jones suggested he had picked it up by mistake, thinking it was his.

Police further confirmed that a summons would be sent to Jones via mail.

On Sunday, Jones denied reports that he had been arrested, and professed his innocence. NBC was among several media outlets erroneously reporting that Jones had been taken into custody over the matter.

Hello everyone, I wanted to address some misinformation that has been circulating this morning .

I woke up to false reports that I had been arrested . I have not been arrested. In fact, I am currently in Texas with my daughters at a volleyball tournament.

I must admit, it’s disappointing to have to clarify these things again , but I understand that I may be an easy target given some of my past issues. it’s important to set the record straight and make sure the truth is told .

I was recently visited by testers while I was celebrating a birthday and taking a nap. Upon waking up, I was caught off guard by the unprofessionalism and protocol by one of the testers which caused frustration leading me to use some profanity I regret. However, I want to emphasize that at no point did I threaten , get in anyone’s face , raise my voice to anyone or engage in any form of assault.

It’s unfortunate that false news has been spread without proper fact-checking. I want to assure you that I will vigorously defend myself against these baseless accusations. The truth is, the incident simply did not occur.

Jon Jones currently holds the UFC heavyweight championship, and is recovering from a torn pectoral muscle that took him out of a planned fight with Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 last November.