Incident Report Sheds More Light Into Death Threat Allegation, Jon Jones Responds

Jon Jones, UFC 285
Jon Jones, UFC 285 press conference Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones is calling Drug Free Sport sample collectors “unprofessional” following allegations of the fighter making death threats against a female employee of the agency, while a police incident report sheds more light into the incident.

On Saturday, SportsNet’s Aaron Bronsteter shared a partial, redacted copy of an incident report obtained from Albuquerque PD regarding the March encounter between Jones and Drug Free Sport.

According to the complainant in the case, listed as “Crystal,” the incident took place on March 30, 2024 and was initially cordial. Jones told the collection agent that he wanted to take his urine test in his garage; another Drug Free Sport employee, “Jerome,” was also present.

After laying out her equipment on a table, Jones and Jerome left the garage, which led the complainant to investigate their absence. When they returned, according to the incident report, Jerome appeared “nervous and said Jones could not pee.” When Crystal offered to perform a blood test instead, Jones responded by asking if they had money, threatening to sue them.

Jones then took possession of the complainant’s phone; when asked to return it, he allegedly stated “why [do] you f*cking people come so early, do you know what happens to people who come to my house? They end up dead.”

The complainant at that point said she feared for her life. Jones would eventually agree to take the urine test again; the complainant meanwhile reported the incident to her superior with Drug Free Sport, who asked her to hold off on filing a police report until they spoke with UFC representatives.

The incident report also notes that Jones appeared intoxicated as Crystal could smell alcohol that appeared to be coming from the fighter.

A summons will be issued for Jones in relation to the matter, per the incident report. However, the UFC star has posted his own response on social media, insisting that the encounter ended in a high-five, and calling the Drug Free Sport reps “unprofessional.”

“I want to address reports about me allegedly threatening a drug tester’s life and taking a phone, I want to clarify that there is a video showing both drug testers leaving my home after the testing session, where we exchanged a high five and a hug. Although I was frustrated with the unprofessionalism and used profanity out of frustration it ended friendly and amicably, nothing threatening at all. I was actually celebrating a friend’s birthday party at my home, and I believe it’s perfectly normal to celebrate in the comfort of my own home.”

“I must say, this particular tester behaved quite unprofessionally and even breached standard protocol along with HIPAA laws. Throughout my 20 years of being subjected to drug tests, I have never encountered such an incident with a DCO officer before.”

Cageside Press has contacted Albuquerque PD and a Jones representative for comment.