Payton Talbott Expecting “Deep Waters” Against Saaiman

UFC APEX – UFC bantamweight Payton Talbott remains undefeated as he comes into UFC Vegas 89 on Saturday night against Cameron Saaiman.

“I’m comfortable with winning. You’ve seen a lot of my fights, or people that have, know that I’ve faced a lot of adversity. I have lost rounds, I have lost some street fights, so I know how to lose and come back,” Talbott told reporters on Wednesday.

Many a fighter have said that their first loss was key to their growth in the sport. Talbott sees it as a daily factor in training.

“I think I’m being tested. I lose all the time in the training room. That’s where I get a lot of my lessons. I’ve lost a lot throughout life,” he said.

“I think I really got tested with my last opponent because it was just like a stylistic nightmare for me. I still came out with the win.”

Talbott (7-0) faces Saaiman at UFC Vegas 89 who is coming off his first professional win. That doesn’t mean Talbott will take him lightly.

“I expect a dog fight, and I expect him to be pretty durable. I think we’re going to have to go into some really deep waters to get a definitive winner,” he said.

“Super excited. I had a couple choices and I picked him in a heartbeat.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Payton Talbott above. He takes on Cameron Saaiman at UFC Vegas 89 on Saturday night.