Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s Style Baffles Holland, Wins UFC Debut

Kevin Holland and Michael Page, UFC 299
Kevin Holland and Michael Page, UFC 299 ceremonial weigh-ins Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Kevin Holland welcomed Michael ‘Venom’ Page to the UFC on the main card of UFC 299 in Miami, Florida.

After a highlight-filled career in Bellator where he was once welterweight champion, MVP took his talents to the UFC, where a plethora of exciting striking fights awaited him. First for him was Kevin Holland, the loud-mouthed, dynamic striker with a large fanbase due to his personality and fight style. If MVP could beat ‘Trailblazer’ then he would find himself ranked in the top-15 after only one fight in the UFC, and that is exactly what came to pass as Holland could not figure out his unusual style of striking.

MVP began the fight by bouncing in his usual karate stance with his hands low. Kevin looked to close him down but got countered with a right hand, at which point Page broke out his first theatrical performance in the cage. Holland then rushed forward into the clinch but could not do much there save for shoulder strikes. He continued to have trouble landing while Page landed his right hand by darting in suddenly from outside. Holland landed a few leg kicks but the round ended with him clearly down 10-9.

Kevin finally landed a right hand to start the second round after chasing MVP down. MVP fought back with some good punches but fell off-balance due to a kick, at which point Holland pounced for the takedown. He landed some good strikes from top position but eventually opened up enough that Page was able to fight his way back to his feet. Towards the end of the round, Michael rocked Holland with a straight right hand twice, at one point landing a knockdown. Despite the ground damage from Kevin, those instances likely won Page the round.

The final round began with Page trying a footsweep, which put him out of position and let Kevin get the back body-lock. He slowly dragged MVP to the mat, but then Page turned into him and got to his feet. MVP rocked Kevin again with a right hand, and Kevin rolled to his back, allowing Page to showboat above him before standing up. MVP began to really blend styles, throwing body kicks, spinning up-elbows, and more right hands that connected clean. Holland pushed for the takedown, desperate by that point, but could not get there. The round ended with Page cruising to a victory.

All three judges scored the bout 29-28 for Michael Page, giving him the win in his UFC debut, which will put him in the top fifteen at welterweight when the rankings are updated.

Official Result: Micheal ‘Venom’ Page def. Kevin Holland by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)