Miranda Maverick on UFC 298, and Her Foray Into the Pickle Business

Anaheim, CA — UFC 298 flyweight Miranda Maverick will look to build on a win against Priscila Cachoeira when she opens up Saturday’s card in Anaheim with Andrea Lee — an opponent she has a certain familiarity with.

Maverick and Lee have trained on occasion, although not as much as has been made out perhaps.

“I haven’t trained with Andrea that much, so I’m not super comfortable with her as far as like, I know every move, know everything about her,” Maverick (12-5) told Cageside Press during Fight Week. “It’s also been about a year and a half, two years since I trained with her. So I expect that both of us have improved a lot in every area of the game.”

Specifically, Maverick noted that “I’ve seen her improving in her wrestling and her grappling since we last went. We sparred a little bit down in Vegas during an Aspen Ladd fight, she had us out there to cross-train with. And then I sparred with her a little bit at a female mega-camp a while back.”

“I’m excited, ready to go in there not really knowing what she has to offer even though we’ve trained together a couple times. Like probably a total of two hours together, so not that much. We’re acquaintances, and it’s good and great but I’m ready to get in there and put it all on the line.”

These days, Maverick is into more than just fighting. She’s always been one to juggle in-cage and out-of-cage duties, having embarked on her fighting career while still in University.

“Fighting only lasts a a short amount of time, and I want to have something I go to in the future that doesn’t go away because I stop fighting,” stated Maverick. With that in mind, she’s gone into the pickle business.

“The prowlerpickles.com thing is a business that I can hand over to family members even if I don’t want to run it myself in a year or two years. Hopefully get it FDA approved within the next couple months, get it into retailers, and make this a business that goes on and keeps being bigger and bigger.”

As Maverick noted, she has more flavors than some of the bigger pickle companies. Be it pickles or anything else, however, Maverick is making sure she has options. “Entrepreneur is kind of my middle name as far as trying to make a go of everything that I can have an opportunity to do. And right now is the time to hustle.”

Watch our full interview with UFC 298’s Miranda Maverick above.