Sean Strickland Faces Off with Former Pres. Donald Trump in Photo Op

Sean Strickland and Donald Trump
Sean Strickland and Donald Trump Credit: Sean Strickland/Twitter(X)

Sean Strickland is a former UFC champion, Donald Trump a former U.S. President.

Perhaps that’s something for the pair to bond over.

On Friday, Strickland, less than a month removed from losing his middleweight title to Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 297 in Toronto, posted an image of himself facing off with ex-President Trump in a new photo op. While Strickland doesn’t have a new fight booked, Trump is likely to win the Republican primary and look to regain the presidency in the next general election — if he can overcome mounting legal hurdles including attempts by several states including Colorado to remove him from the ballot.

Strickland included a message along with the post, suggesting that Trump celebrates America and its citizens.

“After 3 years of being told Americans are bad, it is refreshing to see someone celebrate this country and its citizens. I bleed red white and blue. There was a time we all did. I’m still waiting for the day we end the race, gender and income propaganda to finally realize we’re all Americans in this together.”

Having become one of the most outspoken figures in the UFC in recent years, Sean Strickland courted controversy while in Toronto by lashing out at gay and transgender people while questioning reporters about their political affiliation. All while displaying little to no knowledge of Canadian politics, and having a handler present to ensure he didn’t let slip any gay slurs.

At least he’s more in his own element dealing with American politics.