Garrett Armfield Sees UFC 297 Win As Proof He’s Doing “Exactly What I’m Meant to Do With My Life”

Garrett Armfield had a big showing at UFC 297 in Toronto just a few weeks ago, picking up a unanimous decision win over Ultimate Fighter double-champ Brand Katona.

Bantamweight Armfield (10-3) has now won two straight fights, while continuing to work part time as a bartender.

“Yes I’m a bartender actually. It keeps me honest, it keeps me humble, so I like to do it,” Armfield told Cageside Press in an exclusive interview. “I bartend like one day a week or so. So it’s just like one thing. It’s nice to have a little extra side cash. It’s like my fun money, I guess I would call it. Like if I want to go buy something, I’ll go work a couple shifts and I’ll use that money.”

A nice little cushion to be sure, but Armfield is starting to make some progress in the UFC. He’s now won back-to-back fights, and is open to fighting around the world. Aside from just enjoying travel — he’d love to take his girlfriend to Rome — “It’s just an opportunity for me to hit a new market, too,” Armfield noted. “So I kind of like going around being exposed to fans that I normally wouldn’t hit.”

Having caught a replay of his fight with Katona, Garrett Armfield believes he did enough to secure the decision.

“I have watched it. I think I did very well. When they read the decision, it does seem like I’m surprised, because I didn’t really know how to score the fight. But going back and watching, I definitely was the more effective fighter, and I do believe I did win. And I did enough to get the judges, and I think I did enough to get the unanimous [decision] as well. I definitely beat him the first and second round. Third round he won on control time but if you go back and look, I was the one that was advancing and pressuring and doing strikes whenever it wasn’t grappling.”

“I’m extremely happy with my performance, and I think I definitely rose to the occasion,” Armfield added. He sees the win, in fact, as an “even bigger guarantee that this is exactly what I’m meant to do with my life.”

Watch our full interview with UFC 297 winner Garrett Armfield above.