CFFC 129: CJ LaFragola Extols Benefits of “Home Bed Advantage”

Welterweight CJ LaFragola is fighting at home in Philadelphia on Super Bowl weekend, and while the Eagles aren’t in the big game this year, he’s still repping Philly colors.

“I know our boys aren’t playing on Super Bowl Sunday, but I got the Kelly Green on,” LaFragola told Cagegside Press in a recent interview. “I made my fight kit Kelly Green, since we’re back in Philly. So repping the brand of course, even if they’re not in the Super Bowl, we always rep, we always ride for our boys.”

“That’s a no-brainer. That’s the backyard,” LaFragola said of his response to fighting on the CFFC 129 card in Philadelphia. And that goes back to his high school wresting days, and what he calls “home bed advantage.”

“No hotel for me, I’m in my own bed. And that’s always been my mantra since high school. When we wrestled states back in the day, home bed advantage,” recalled LaFragola. “States were in Atlantic City, I lived in South Jersey. So I was able to sleep at home, and I felt like that’s always the ultimate advantage. Any time you can sleep in your own bed and compete at the same time, that’s a win-win.”

As far as what he wants to show against Ernesto Zarate this Friday, “I’m looking to show that I’m a mixed martial artist as opposed to maybe a one or two dimensional guy,” said LaFragola, who is hoping to make it to the next level by way of CFFC. “I’m really looking forward to trying to open up a little bit more in this fight, and really trust some of the things I’ve been working on.”

Watch our full interview with CFFC 129’s CJ LaFragola above.