Slim Trabelsi Details Emotional Victory, Ready To Fight Again Soon

San Diego, CA – Bellator newcomer Slim Trabelsi went through a lot to get to Bellator 300 on Saturday night, and when he capped it off with a victory, the emotions came out of him in the cage.

“I’m happy for this win today. It’s my first fight in USA, and in Bellator, it’s my debut. I’m happy for this performance,” he told reporters including Cageside Press at his post-fight scrum.

“It was a lot of emotion when I win this fight because I have a hard time and long way to come here. Many years of training and sacrifice to make all this way here, and finally I make my debut and it was a win. So thanks God for all this. Thanks for everyone who support me. I’m happy that I am here today.”

Trabelsi won the fight when he took Davison Franklin down. Trabelsi was in top position and Franklin tapped to what looked like a leg injury of sorts.

“I hear his leg make crack you know. I see when he talked with the referee. He want to stop, but I keep going and after the referee he stopped it so. I wish for him fast recovery and big respect for my opponent,” Trabelsi said.

With the journey to Bellator 300 finally complete Trabelsi looked towards the future

“It makes sense if I take a guy from top 5 because today I fight with a guy from top 10, but you know, I’m ready for everyone,” he said.

“I will take one week rest. I’ll go back to gym, back to training, and I wait for the next call from Bellator.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Slim Trabelsi above.