Jena Bishop Won’t Be Straying from Jiu-Jitsu Roots at Bellator 300

San Diego, CA — Jena Bishop is the hometown hero at Bellator 300 this weekend, as the jiu-jitsu star lives in San Diego.

The flyweight carries a 5-0 record into her fight with Ilara Joanne, and admitted during the Bellator 300 media day that the experience was a bit weird at first.

“I am just really excited to be a part of this card. I want to be fighting any time, but to be on Bellator 300 here in San Diego really means a lot to me,” Bishop told media outlets including Cageside Press. “It started off a little bit weird this week, just being home, not having to travel. But now being here and doing all this stuff, I’m just really excited. It’s huge.”

A submission finish from the submission ace won’t take anyone by surprise, and that is what Bishop will be looking for this Saturday, she confirmed. “That’s always the game plan. I don’t want to stray from my roots. Jiu-jitsu is move love, it will always be my first love, my favorite thing. That’s what I plan to use, a submission is always what I’m going to be looking for.”

If the fight plays out on the feet, Bishop will fall back on the skills she’s absorbed from striking coach A.J. Matthews. “It’s been awesome having A.J. really just make me sick at my striking,” said Bishop, adding her husband will also be in her corner this weekend.

If all goes well, Bishop wants to fast-track to a title shot. She’s 37, and got a late start in MMA, making her pro debut in 2021.

“I want to do it as quick as possible, so I’m not shying away from any opponents,” Bishop stated. “I’ll take whatever I can get, whatever the fastest path to that title is.”

Watch the full Bellator 300 media day appearance by Jena Bishop above.