Dan Ige Still Struggles With Trying To Be Perfect, Sees Big Things With Win Over Mitchell

Las Vegas, NV – It wasn’t too long ago that many believed UFC featherweight Dan Ige was an after thought while on a losing streak which was tough for a fighter whose mind is set to perfection, but now on a win streak, he looks to extend it against Bryce Mitchell at UFC Vegas 79 on Saturday night.

“Not going to lie I still struggle with it, I still struggle with perfectionism, I still struggle with trying to do everything right. I do, but I also give myself a little grace. I kind of figured out, and I understand the importance of brotherhood, and friendship, and community, and I have a sports psychologist,” Ige told reporters on Wednesday.

“We talk about it weekly. We talk about these things that we all go through as human beings. I’m still human so yes I still deal with that, but at the same time I know how to handle it a little bit better.”

In Mitchell he gets a fighter coming off his first professional loss, and looking to get back into the win column. Ige knows that one loss is enough for people to look past a fighter.

“He’s one of the best. He’s 14 or 15-1 (Mitchell is 15-1). He’s fought some of the who’s who, he’s beaten some of them, and I feel like people write him off because of one loss,” Ige said.

“I’m expecting him to come back with a vengeance and I’m prepared for the best version of him.”

A win over Mitchell opens opportunities to either get some fresh matchups or try to get back some of the losses he’s taken. Ige isn’t above trying to get some wins back.

“I’m never afraid to revisit a guy that I’ve fought in the past and re-test myself. Guys that I’ve lost to, if you put us in a series like the NBA if we’re going best out of 7, I don’t see myself losing all of them,” he said.

“Right now all I’m looking at is Bryce, but I definitely see myself, with a win over him, moving back up the ladder. He’s #10 in the world, I’m #12. Those numbers don’t really matter man. It’s who’s the best fighter on that day and who’s going to show up.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Dan Ige above. He takes on Bryce Mitchell at UFC Vegas 79 on Saturday night.