Noche UFC: Loopy Godinez Puts On Stellar Performance Against Gutsy Elise Reed

Loopy Godinez and Elise Reed, Noche UFC
Loopy Godinez and Elise Reed, Noche UFC ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Mexico’s Lupita “Loopy” Godinez, fighting out of Canada, made the trip to Las Vegas for Noche UFC, where she took on Elise Reed in strawweight action.

The fight served as Saturday’s featured prelim, and felt like a chance for Loopy to build her brand, coming into the fight with two straight wins on a card celebrating Mexican Independence Day.

Reed was light on her feet early, bouncing and showing some lateral movement as the crowd chanted “Loopy” repeatedly. It wasn’t long before Godinez closed the distance, clinching Reed against the fence and hunting a takedown. A trip completed the takedown, and Godinez found herself in half-guard with three and a half minutes on the clock. Reed, however, shrimped to the fence and wall-walked up with apparent ease, leading to what amounted to a restart at center.

While it might have been a second chance for Reed to get off on the right foot in the round, she instead ate a left hook, with Loopy planting her on the canvas. Reed flat out sailed backwards. Reed had gone down stiff as a board but managed to recover, only for Godinez to get on her back and work for a rear-naked choke.

What happened next was downright incredible, as Godinez latched on with a nasty arm-bar. Reed was in a bad spot but refused to tap. She kicked at Loopy’s arms to break the submission then just gutted it out, rolling to her knees. Godinez then switched to a triangle arm-bar with Reed picking her up and slamming her down. Just crazy toughness from Elise Reed, but a dominant round (and likely 10-8) for Godinez.

Round two found Reed looking to land a throw, but it was Godinez countering and getting on top. Reed made it up, but was taken right back down. The next time she got up, Loopy scooped her up and bodyslammed her back to the canvas. Soon she made it to mount, dropping a few nasty punches which forced Reed belly down. The rear-naked choke went in, and finally, Reed tapped, giving Loopy Godinez a massive victory!

Official Result: Loopy Godinez def. Elise Reed by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 3:38


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