Noche UFC: Roman Kopylov Body Shots Shut Down Josh Fremd

Roman Kopylov and Josh Fremd, Noche UFC
Roman Kopylov and Josh Fremd, Noche UFC ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Middleweight Josh Fremd was making a quick turnaround at Noche UFC on Saturday, taking on the hard-hitting Roman Kopylov in preliminary card action.

Fremd had picked up a win over Jamie Pickett just last month and was looking to make it three in a row; Kopylov had three straight wins of his own to start the night. All three had come via KO/TKO.

To begin the fight Kopylov looked to take the centre of the Octagon whilst trying to find a range for his kicks. Fremd also looked to land some kicks of his own, and mixed in a few to different levels. As well as that, Fremd began winning the early hand fights and was able to land several fast and powerful jabs. The opposite stance matchup seemed to play into Fremd’s hands early but it seemed like a matter of time before Kopylov began to find his feet and start dictating the exchanges.

Just two minutes into the round though, the action was halted momentarily as Fremd landed a groin shot on Kopylov. The Russian didn’t want to take too long of a break though and the action began very shortly after. Again whilst striking out of the Orthodox stance Fremd looked to land a cross body kick. Kopylov began to sit down a bit more on his counters and he landed a nice counter right that momentarily buzzed Fremd. With just over a minute left of the round, Fremd attempted a takedown but nothing came from the attempt. After Kopylov go back out at range, he landed a nice one-two combo followed by a body kick. Fremd showed good fight IQ though by attempting to get the fight to the ground as Kopylov grew in confidence at the end of the round.

Kopylov looked the far fresher of the two coming out into round two as he looked to stay light on his feet bouncing into his combinations. Straightaway he landed a huge uppercut that wobbled Fremd after Fremd tried to push forward. Although Fremd still seemed to be active with his attacks, he was often getting counter punched with more damage incurred. The nose of Fremd began to leek claret as Kopylov edged closer to his flow state. The speed of the Russian began to take its toll on the 29-year-old. Kopylov began to explode even further into his attacks, as Fremd tried to act unfazed whilst he blew blood out of his leaking nose.

The pressure and ferocious striking of Kopylov began to really take over the fight and he landed a huge left high kick that again wobbled Fremd. Fremd looked to retreat on his back foot and began to defend high. Kopylov read it though and landed a huge left hand to the exposed body of Fremd, dropping him to his knees. The ref stepped in and saved him from anymore unnecessary damage.

Official Result: Roman Kopylov def. Josh Fremd by TKO, Round 2, 4:44


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