UFC Atlantic City: Virna Jandiroba Fends Off Game Loopy Godinez

Virna Jandiroba and Loopy Godinez, UFC Atlantic City
Virna Jandiroba and Loopy Godinez, UFC Atlantic City ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Jake Noecker/Cageside Press

Strawweights were in action on the UFC Atlantic City preliminary card, as Loopy Godinez, a Mexican-Canadian standout, faced off with former Invicta FC champ Virna Jandiroba.

Jandiroba was nearing her 10th UFC fight, and both women were looking to work their way up the divisional rankings.

The bout turned into a grappling match early, an area both women were well-versed in, but where Brazil’s Jandiroba arguably had the edge. But they wouldn’t stay down long; on the feet, Godinez pushed forward, guard tight, firing kicks. Jandiroba launched her right hand, and looked to use her length to keep Loopy away from her.

In the final minute, Jandiroba looked to drag Godinez down. Loopy defended initially, and rather impressively with her arm threaded through Jandiroba’s, but she eventually had to contend with Virna on her back. Time soon ran down, however, and they headed for round two.

Some early exchanges in round two saw Jandiroba holding her own on the feet; just under a minute in, she changed levels for a takedown. Loopy Godinez, however, wound up on top, or at least seated next to Jandiroba. Eventually the Brazilian would transition to top, but also had to contend with a leg lock attempt from Godinez. The crowd didn’t love it, but the pair spent a good chunk of the round on the mat.

Round three had the pair battling along the fence early. They’d move back to center, with Virna shooting for a number of takedows, some wild. Later in the round, however, she managed to take the back, threatening with a choke. In the final minute, Jandiroba pursued the rear-naked choke, having dragged Godinez down. Impressively, Loopy stood up with Jandiroba still on her back, and would make it out of the round. She was behind in the fight, however, with Virna Jandiroba claiming the win on the scorecards.

Official Result: Virna Jandiroba def. Loopy Godinez by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)