Max Holloway Looking For Title Shot, Fourth Fight With Volkanosvki, “Earned, not given”

Max Holloway, UFC Kansas City ceremonial weigh-in
Max Holloway, UFC Kansas City ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Eddie Law/Cageside Press

With the legacy fight against The Korean Zombie all wrapped up in his favor former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway takes aim at another title fight at 145-pounds, but he knows it’s not as easy as just asking for it.

“For me, going back for that title shot, whoever has the belt. Hopefully it’s Volk (Alexander Volkanovski) that fourth Volk fight would be amazing,” Holloway said on his YouTube show ‘The Undeniable’

“We just got to be undeniable. Undeniable. Keep doing what we’re doing. The fans got to do their part. You guys want to see that fight? Let them know.”

A fourth fight against Volkanovski when Holloway sits at 0-3 against the current champion seems like a very long shot for the former champ. He hopes that he can continue his run of wins in order to earn that fourth shot at Volkanovski.

“That’s what the UFC is known for. For putting the best guys in the world against each other. I’m here. I’m not here taking breaks. I’m fighting anybody and everybody to get back there. I’m going to be clawing and scratching my way back to the top,” he said.

“Like we’ve been saying, undeniable. I’m just going to keep proving to you guys and keep showing you guys why I’m undeniable. We’re going to get back what’s rightfully ours.”

Outside of the title fight Holloway isn’t sure there’s an opponent for him that makes sense. He knows that it may be up to the fans to voice what they want to see.

“I fought most of the top 10 guys. I think (the featherweight division) is cool. A bunch of new names. A bunch of new faces. There’s nobody,” said Holloway.

“I don’t need to call out nobody. You guys want to see me fight somebody? You guys going to make it happen. UFC they put on the best fights, and the fights the fans want to see. If the fans want to see a fight go and at Dana White, at the UFC, let them know. I’m no matchmaker. I’ll fight whoever. Whatever gets me that step closer back to the title shot, that’s what I want, hard work. Undeniable. Earned not given.”

Watch Max Holloway’s Q & A below.