CFFC 123: Kelvin Sterling Withdraws From Bout With Starner On Fight Night

Kelvin Sterling, CFFC 123
Kelvin Sterling, CFFC 123 weigh-in Credit: Cage Fury FC

In a stunning turn of events CFFC bantamweight Kelvin Sterling withdrew from his fight at CFFC 123 against Hunter Starner in Bensalem, PA on Friday night.

Sterling (0-2), brother of former UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling, was looking for his first victory of his professional MMA career, but he pulled from the fight leaving Starner without an opponent and no time for a replacement.

Sources tell Cageside Press that Sterling did not want to fight when they got to fight night. Add to that the fact that he missed weight by 3.8 pounds and the result was a withdrawal from the fight with Sterner.

CFFC officials and the broadcast also mentioned that it seemed as though Sterling did not want to fight, but they gave no official detailed reason for the pull out.

Sterling spoke with Cageside Press recently and had mentioned that he had considered pulling out of his last fight due to a mental block coming from a lung issue that he had deal with before.


“I honestly was trying to call out of the fight, and then my teammates were speaking to me, they were like ‘you’re already here, this guy trained and put in the work, and probably spent money and all those type of things, travelling, it would kind of ruin it for him too.’ But more so I was just in my head about my own health. Because I tore my lung before, so because of the weight cut and how everything was going, I was in my own head, and it felt my body wasn’t up to par.”

Sterling has not made a statement as of this posting.