BKFC KnuckleMania 4: David Feldman on “Midas Touch” of Conor McGregor

Los Angeles, CA – Over 7100 fans took in BKFC’s KnuckleMania 4 in Los Angeles this past Saturday, with promotion president David Feldman highlighting “over 12 million viewers worldwide” following the event, which was topped by Mike Perry putting away fellow UFC alum Thiago Alves.

The main event and card as a whole, however, was overshadowed perhaps by the announcement that Conor McGregor had joined BKFC as an owner. The company currently has Triller has a majority owner, with Feldman the founder and in the driver’s seat from day one.

“It was just a great night for us, man. I’m very, very happy about being here in Los Angeles,” Feldman told media outlets including Cageside Press following the event, “and obviously we had a major announcement tonight.”

“We accepted or entered into an agreement with a very large combat sports enthusiast, Conor McGregor. He’s now an owner of BKFC with us, and we’re going to take this motherf*cking thing all the way to the top now.”

That belief no doubt comes thanks to McGregor’s high profile, something the Irish star has maintained even without actively competing in three years. The recent Road House remake, which had McGregor playing a villain, was one example Feldman gave.

“You’ve got the guy who has the most downloaded, or most viewed movie, in Amazon history. It wasn’t because of his acting, not that he was bad at acting, but it wasn’t because of his acting. It was because it was Conor McGregor,” Feldman noted. “It wasn’t Jake Gyllenhaal that drove those views, it was Conor McGregor that drove those views.”

“He’s one of the most popular guys in the entire world. He’s one of the most popular or influential combat sports fighters of all time, or personalities of all time. I mean, You tell me. You get a guy like that who anything he touches turns to gold? I want that Midas touch, so we brought it over.”

As to how BKFC got in business with the biggest name in combat sports, Feldman noted the McGregor had turned up at an event a year prior, getting in the cage for a memorable appearance with Mike Perry. After that, they went into business together.

“One thing led to another. We partnered with his beer, Forged Irish Stout, and they became a sponsor of us. And he fell in love with this.” Feldman now believes that, with McGregor on board, “it takes it to the next level.”

When asked whether UFC President and CEO Dana White might be upset of the deal, or was “punching the air,” Feldman replied by saying “listen, Dana White has a juggernaut with the UFC. Conor McGregor certainly moves the needle for him, but he’s very very successful without him. Not that he’s fighting for him, I’m saying, but as him promoting our product, who knows. You’re probably a little mad. Your number one star is going to talk about a different company, so you’re probably not very happy about it, but he’s not worried about us. Not yet.”

Watch the full BKFC KnuckleMania 4 post-fight press conference with David Feldman above.