Iasmin Lucindo Praised Viana, But Sees Victory Regardless Of Where The Fight Goes

Las Vegas, NV – Coming off a decision victory in her last bout UFC flyweight Iasmin Lucindo will enter the octagon against Polyana Viana at UFC Vegas 78 on Saturday night looking to score a second consecutive win.

“I really admire her. I really like her like outside the octagon. I understand her journey. From all the stuff that she represents a Brazilian woman,” Lucindo told reporters including Cageside Press through a translator on Wednesday.

“It’s hard for us to actually make it to this stage, the greatest organization in the world, but at the end of the day I respect a lot of her history outside the octagon. She’s just another opponent. She’s got two legs, two arms, and it doesn’t matter. She’s just another opponent that I need to get through.”

All praise aside Lucindo knows she’s got a tough fight ahead of her at the UFC APEX with Viana across from her. Three rounds or a finish inside the distance it Lucindo says she has a plan for everything.

“Truthfully we actually have a strategy for this so obviously trying to get the finish is out there, but we have a plan A, a plan B and we have a plan C. I do believe that a knockout or a finish is actually a consequence of the fight, but I’m prepared for three rounds,” she said.

“No matter what happens I feel that I’m going to come out with the victory and my arm raised.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Iasmin Lucindo above. She takes on Polyana Viana at UFC Vegas 78 on Saturday night.