2023 PFL 7: Gabriel Braga Knew Success Would Come, Plans to Keep Seizing Opportunities

Gabriel Braga has gone from a Challenger Series fighter to PFL semifinalist, with the chance to move one step closer to a million dollars at PFL 7 this Friday in San Antonio, Texas.

Braga (11-0) is not at all surprised by the success he’s having, which amounts to a Brazilian fairytale story.

“I’ve actually seen this, and I’ve known this was going to happen for such a long time,” he told Cageside Press in a recent exclusive interview. “All I needed was the opportunities, and the PFL has been giving me those and giving me the platform. And I’ve been seizing every single one of these, and I’ll seize this additional one in August.”

To get here, Braga has won three straight fights under the PFL banner, most recently knocking out former WSOF champ and UFC title challenger Marlon Moraes, sending him into retirement.

“The fight against Marlon meant a great deal,” admitted Braga when asked about defeating his fellow Brazilian. “Just like every single one of my fights, because I pour my heart out into this. Rest assured, this one in August is going to mean as much because I’m going to go out there and shock the world and showcase my work.”

Braga was expected to face Movlid Khaybulaev, a former PFL champ, at PFL 7 on August 4, though that has changed. It’s Chris Wade now stepping in. Regardless, Braga has looked like a constantly improving fighter this year — and he feels his biggest difference is on the mental side of things.

“I feel like the area where I’ve improved the most is not even technical, it’s emotional. Just being able to feel more comfortable inside the PFL cage as fights go by, as I gain more experience with the promotion. I feel like that’s the most I can ask for really. Because that’s when you start feeling more conformable, and the results start coming with even more ease. That’s when you start seeing more knockouts.”

Watch our full interview with PFL 7 featherweight Gabriel Braga above.