Dustin Poirier Reflects On BMF Loss To Gaetjhe, “I Have Thread On The Tires”

Salt Lake City, UT – It wasn’t the best of nights for UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier who lost via knockout against Justin Gaethje in their BMF main event at UFC 291 on Saturday night, but his perspective on his life and career give him a silver lining of sorts.

“It sucks obviously. Losing sucks, but I’ve lost before,” Poirier told reporters including Cageside Press at his post-fight scrum.

“It’s not cool to be acquainted with these feelings, but I’ve been here before.”

It wasn’t all bad when put into perspective. Poirier began his career in the UFC in 2011. In the span of 12 years in the promotion he’s won the interim lightweight title, defeated Conor McGregor twice, and become a massive fan favorite.

Put into perspective, the kid from Lafayette, continues to win even when he loses.

“The career i’ve had and the fights I’ve had, and where I come from. I feel like I’ve already won. So I’m just taking it minute by minute right now, but I’m good,” he said.

“If I win like a man I’ve got to be able to lose like a man.”

With the BMF fight done, now looking ahead to what’s next, Poirier isn’t quite sure. The title was the goal, and remains the goal. Any other fight just doesn’t mean as much.

“Honestly, no (no other fights interest me). Before this one when they offered me Beneil (Dariush) I was just like ‘ah i’m not that excited about it’. But when this one came it got me scared and nervous because what just happened could happen. That’s what kept me waking up every morning ready to bust my ass,” he said.

“And I knew, not only the excitement of the fight, the danger of the fight that would motivate me, a win would get me….we’re number 2 and 3. Number 1 already beat us and he’s fighting for the title again. How much higher on the ladder can I go?”

A win over Gaethje surely would have cemented Poirier as next for the winner of Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev later this year.

“A win over him I thought would have been a lock to get the title shot. We’ll see man. I don’t know,” Poirier said.

All that being said this doesn’t mean that Poirier is done. At 34-years-old and still one of the best lightweights to ever step into the octagon he’s got plenty left in the tank.

“I still feel great. I got hit with a shot I just didn’t see. I still can compete like I said before I have thread on the tires dude. I feel great,” he said.

“I know I busted my ass. That’s why losing sucks. The underdog always has a chance in there under those lights. It just sucks when you’re on the other side of it.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Dustin Poirier above.