Laura Sanko Teases PPV Commentary Debut, Talks Rivalry With DC

Las Vegas, NV – UFC commentator Laura Sanko continues to make waves as a commentator on APEX cards and Fight Night cards, but will we see her in the commentary booth on a Pay-Per-View anytime soon?

“I have no official announcements as of yet, but I think there’s a strong chance,” Sanko told Cageside Press at UFC X on Friday.

Could we be looking at Sanko in Salt Lake City next to Joe Rogan and Jon Anik?

“I will not be in Salt Lake City, I’ve got family vacation, but maybe shortly thereafter,” she said.

The teaser is in as Sanko fans wait for an official announcement of her first PPV commentary gig.

A popular UFC staple for official weigh-ins has been the weigh-in show that features Laura Sanko and Daniel Cormier. During the show panelists compete in challenges with an actual belt on the line.

The heated rivalry on that show between DC and Sanko is something that’s taken on a life of it’s own.

“I think I’m the most dominant champion. I’ll let popularity be decided by the people, but I think if we were to go back and count up the number of times that I have won that belt I would far surpass everyone on the show specially my main nemesis DC,” Sanko said.

On a more serious note Sanko was a part of the Glory MMA gym in Kansas City that had been lead by James Krause. The gym is no longer under his management and has a new name, but the controversy that has involved Krause and the gym has not been lost on fans and fighters alike.

“I don’t really have a statement because so much of it doesn’t really involve me so I’m not going to comment on that, but there’s a lot of good people in Kansas City. There’s still a lot of good people in Kansas City,” she said.

“I think there are always lots of sides to every story and the people that I know, all of them, all of them are good people.”

Watch the entire UFC X interview with Laura Sanko above.