UFC 290: Tatsuro Taira Game for Singapore Card, but Ranked Opponent Matters Most

Las Vegas, NV — Japanese flyweight Tatsuro Taira was pushed back from UFC Jacksonville to UFC 290 due to a switch in opponents, but the good news is, he got to fight — and picked up another win, improving to a perfect 14-0, with four of those wins coming under the UFC banner.

On Saturday night, Taira relied on his dominant ground game to win a decision over Contender Series alum Edgar Chairez, in front of a hot crowd at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

“I’d say I had a lot of fun. I had a major event, a lot of crowd,” Taira told media outlets including Cageside Press following the event. “I had fun.”

An emotional Taira was seen kicking his mouthpiece during the fight, but it doesn’t seem that anger was directed at his opponent. Rather, he was chasing a finish that simply wouldn’t come.

“I would have to say it was a bit frustrating at some points, and that frustration went to my mouthpiece.”

At points, while Taira was smothering on top and moving to a crucifix position, Chairez used his toes in the fence to help defend — something the ref admonished him for. For his part, Taira was unaware of the infraction.

“The answer would be no, I didn’t realize that he was using his toes,” said Taira. “The coach would say ‘be careful, he’s going to kick the fence’ which I was aware of. I wasn’t aware of the toe.”

Next up for Tatsuro Taira, he has his sights set on a ranked opponent. “I want a ranked fighter. I want more steps up. I will be champion.” The Japanese 23-year old would also be game for a quick turnaround to compete at UFC Singapore next month.

“I would love to if there’s an offer, but more important is to fight a [ranked opponent] I would say.”

Watch the full UFC 290 post-fight press conference with Tatsuro Taira.