Georges St-Pierre Says He’s Not Part of Twitter/Threads Trash Talk, but Will Be There for Elon Musk

Las Vegas, NV — UFC legend and former two-division champ Georges St-Pierre was in attendance at this year’s UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony, to see names like Anderson Silva, Jens Pulver, Robbie Lawler, and TriStar teammate Rory MacDonald (for his second fight with Lawler) inducted into the Hall.

A member of the UFC Hall of Fame himself, GSP is years removed from his final fight, which saw him claim middleweight gold in 2017. But he has remained in the gym, in the spotlight, and will return in a grappling contest at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational later this year.

In the meantime, the Canadian great shed some light on what training with Elon Musk recently was like.

“He’s very strong, much stronger than the average man. And he’s very tough,” St-Pierre told media outlets including Cageside Press on the red carpet on Thursday, ahead of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. “Elon, when he puts his mind and energy into something, he’s almost unstoppable.”

The always diplomatic St-Pierre wasn’t about to comment on whether he would join Threads, a new Twitter-like app that has sparked a rivalry between Musk, Twitter’s new owner, and Facebook/Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg, who appears to be looking to submit Elon in the social media game.

“I’m not part of that trash talk thing and I don’t want to be part of it,” GSP said. “I let Elon know that if he needs me, I will be there to help him if he needs.”

The trash talk between Musk and Zuckerberg online has led to talk of an actual fight, with Dana White already selling t-shirts for a bout that will probably (and should definitely) never happen.

Speaking of trash talk, St-Pierre told Cageside Press just why he never engaged in it throughout his storied career.

“I think you need to be authentic, and you don’t need to trash talk if it’s not your personality,” St-Pierre stated. “You have to realize that English is not my first language. If you go back more than a decade ago, my English was not the best. It’s still not great, but it got better over the years.”

“I choose my battles carefully. I know if I go into a trash talk contest with someone who speaks perfect English, I’m going to lose. Also because I’m just not good at it. So I decided to focus my energy on the most important thing, what I do in the octagon.”

You can see more of Georges St-Pierre at this year’s UFC Hall of Fame ceremony above.