Ty Flores Disappointed To Not Be Fighting Wilkinson, Grateful For Spohn Booking


Atlanta, GA – PFL light heavyweight Ty Flores was really hoping to face Rob Wilkinson at PFL 4 on Thursday night, but with Wilkinson testing positive for PEDs, he faces Dan Spohn instead.

“I don’t think that PFL’s alone in that,” Flores told reporters including Cageside Press on Tuesday.

“People are going to cheat in sports. There’s always going to be cheaters no matter what. I’m never going to be shocked specially in a sport like MMA. You look back as far as it goes there’s always been guys that are on the sauce. I’m never going to be surprised. I’m hoping to have a long career and I’m sure this isn’t going to be the first time or the last time that I face somebody that’s been on the sauce.”

Flores had been looking forward to facing Wilkinson whom he has said is the most well-rounded fighter in the PFL’s light heavyweight division.

“It’s a little disappointing. I was going to get to face the former champ. It was exciting. I do think he was the most well-rounded guy in the division. I was looking forward to it as a way to prove myself and what not,” he said.

At PFL 4 he instead now takes on Spohn who makes his return to the promotion following a stop at a promotion in Ohio.

“I’ve seen a little bit. He’s a vet man he’s kind of getting up there in age, but he’s a dog. Props to him for taking the fight on two weeks notice. I know he just fought and he lost, so I know he’s going to be looking to get back in the win column,” Flores said.

“Props to him. Nothing bad to say about him at all. Tough guy, good striking, good ground. He’s pretty well-rounded. I’m just happy. I’m lucky to have an opponent to be honest.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Ty Flores above. He takes on Dan Spohn at PFL 4 on Thursday night.


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