Delan Monte Not Worried About PED Suspensions In PFL, Looks To End Silveira By KO

Atlanta, GA – PFL light heavyweight Delan Monte can’t be bothered with thinking about suspended fighters as he focuses in on his matchup against Joshua Silveira at PFL 4 on Thursday night.

“I’m one of those guys that I choose to focus on myself. That’s what I can control. I’m not necessarily out here to be pointing out or making speculation about what happens to other people. I’m here to control my own destiny and do what I can do to come out victorious,” Monte told reporters including Cageside Press on Tuesday through a translator.

Monte (9-4) doesn’t even see it as an advantage with some fighters, including Rob Wilkinson, basically pulled out of his way due to the failed drug tests and suspension.

“I focus on myself. I think about myself and what I can do on my side. I can control my own actions. I’m a clean athlete. I’ve been a clean athlete my entire life and I’ll remain as one. Unfortunate for them, but onto the next one, I’m just here to stamp my passport to the playoffs and after that to the championship,” he said.

At PFL 4 he takes on Silveira who may look to implement a grappling-heavy game plan against Monte. Monte believes he will be able to land a shot before Silveira can take him down.

“Feel like Josh might come out here with (grappling game plan) and attempt to take me down, but I’ve got a lot of new tools in my tool set preparing for this. We did a lot of work on my knees in this camp, a lot of work on my uppercut this camp as well,” he said.

“I’m confident one of these hands or knees are going to land and that’s going to be it.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Monte above. He takes on Joshua Silveira at PFL 4 on Thursday night.