The Ultimate Fighter 31 Cast Breakdown: The Newcomers

Landon Quinones, 27, Sunrise, Florida, US, 7-1-1


  • Good jab
  • Primary kickboxing
  • Good knees
  • Mixes the striking up
  • Good shot-selection
  • Forward pressure
  • Cuts the cage off well
  • Good leg kicks
  • Durable


  • Hands low
  • Hangs around in the pocket
  • Advances carelessly
  • Questionable chin

Quinones is primarily a striker/kickboxer. The capability is there but he’s not a power puncher. He is someone that likes to just touch you up and score points. He’s always moving forward and cutting the cage off mixing in punches and kicks. I like the use of his jab, doubling and sometimes tripling up on it. Quinones throws more kicks than anything. He goes to the legs, body, and head staying busy.

All that said, he just has too many gaps in his striking defense and on the feet is where he’s best offensively. If he can start to use his wrestling more like he’s been doing that’s going to make him a lot better. 27 is still young for the division so there is a high ceiling at this time.