The Ultimate Fighter 31 Cast Breakdown: The Newcomers


Trevor Wells, 27, Murrieta, California, US, 8-3


  • Good TDD
  • Heavy leg kicks
  • Good pocket striking
  • Uses good angles
  • Combination striker
  • Wrestlers well
  • Good bodywork


  • Wide guard
  • Head sits on the centerline

I didn’t know too much about Wels prior to hearing his name as part of this cast. He’s definitely is an all-action fighter that likes to scrap however.

Wells will wrestle often but doesn’t have the proper Jiu-Jitsu and control to keep his foes down. It is a good compliment to his striking to keep his opponents guessing though. Wells does have clean boxing. Defensively he’s not great but he doesn’t care to eat one so he can rip a combination. I do wish he would go to the body more because when he does it opens up more striking lanes.

You’re going to see Wells get hit a lot. His head movement is okay but with straight punches he has trouble defending. His guard isn’t too hard to split.