UFC Charlotte: Carlos Ulberg on Staying Patient and Scoring his Third Straight Finish

Charlotte, NC — Carlos Ulberg improved his win streak to four with another first-round finish over Ihor Potieria. Ulberg’s finish on Saturday was his third first round KO/TKO in a row.

“I knew that if I was patient in there and I stood my distance he would fall into a trap,” Ulberg (8-1) said during the event’s post-fight press conference, speaking of his gameplan headed into the fight with Ihor Potieria. Carlos was finally able to find the perfect counter strike to a constantly advancing Ihor, after a few striking exchanges.

“Well, the first punch that landed, the check hook, he fell kind of awkwardly into me. So, I knew at that point he was out to some point,” Carlos recalled, about catching the Ukranian. Ulberg explained that he didn’t feel he needed to punch Potieria any longer once he was on the ground, “I just walked off, thinking that was it.”

“[Ref] Keith [Peterson] came in and finished the show.”

“The crowd was awesome,” Ulberg dished when asked about how it felt to have the Carolina crowd behind him. “The people in North Carolina are amazing and I think I do well with these guys, even being here all week, everyone’s just so nice.”

The Charlotte crowd UFC on ABC 4 was the largest domestic crowd in attendance for a UFC Fight Night, Dana White would confirm later on Saturday.

“I’ll go home, recalibrate, just get myself into swings again, have a little bit of a rest, and then get right back into it,” Ulberg responded to a question from the media about how soon he would like to get back into the cage.

Carlos, who was campaigning for a 50k bonus for his performance, was asked how he would spend his money if he received said bonus, “There’s a few floods that’s been happening back home so maybe do up the house a bit and yeah I don’t know, see what happens…”  before ending with a lighthearted, “Party it up,” and a chuckle.

Watch the full UFC Charlotte post-fight press conference with Carlos Ulberg above.