UFC Vegas 71: Jared Gordon Doesn’t See Upside Of Pimblett Rematch


Las Vegas, NV – UFC lightweight Jared Gordon has a big fight on his hands against Bobby Green at UFC Vegas 71 on Saturday night, but it seems the thing fans want to talk about is Paddy Pimblett.

“His fans are my fans now. Every now and then there’s always someone that’s like, ‘you’re Paddy’s son’,” Gordon told reporters on Wednesday. He went on to say that fans send him screen shots of his social media pages with comments that say ’30-27 Gordon’ or ‘Gordon’s son’.

“I would say like 99% of the world or MMA fans think I won that fight, and I gained a lot of fans man. People from Liverpool and London constantly message me ‘oh you beat Paddy. You’ve got to fight him again’. Really the only thing that I missed out on was the other half of my check,” Gordon said referencing the loss to Pimblett at UFC 278 in 2022.

“Which sucked, but like I’m not like struggling for money so. I think it might have been a positive thing for me the way it turned out.”

Pimblett has demanded, on social media, a rematch against Gordon to change the narrative that many fans hold that Gordon should have been declared the winner in the bout.

“I’m clearly like living rent-free in his head. He just had surgery and he’s in his recovery room in the hospital, and the first couple words he’s talking about is Jared Gordon. If I thought I won a fight and I wanted to move on and upward I wouldn’t be talking about Paddy Pimblett,” said Gordon.

“It’s not just me living rent-free in his head. It’s every other media outlet and person in the industry, Joe Rogan, Nate Diaz I think said something. Bunch of people think I won the fight, or know I want the fight.”

Gordon doesn’t seem to see the upside of fighting Pimblett for a second time knowing that fans and his own peers believe he won the fight. Unless the UFC gives him something big to fight him again.

“If it was worth it for me, you know, but when I get past Bobby that’s fighting backwards. Unless they gave me some really big spot. It would put me in the spotlight obviously and it would grow my brand and grow me as a fighter,” he said.

“But at that point it’s more of a risk for me fight-wise after I get through Bobby. But you know if they offer me something good and money then I might think about it.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Jared Gordon above. He takes on Bobby Green at UFC Vegas 71 on Saturday night.


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