Nate Diaz Chokes Man Out In Street Brawl After Misfits 6 Card

UFC star Nate Diaz
Credit: Dave Mandel/

It’s never boring being Nate Diaz.

The MMA star and soon-to-be professional boxer was filmed on the streets of New Orleans choking a man unconscious following the Misfits 6 card in which teammate Chris Avila fought in.


In the video you can see Diaz catching a man in what looks like a ninja choke, hitting him with a knee, and putting him to sleep on the street. The man seems to bounce his head off the street and laying unconscious.

That incident followed another one inside the arena where Diaz threw a water bottle at reality tv star Chase DeMoor. DeMoor had fought earlier in the night and could be heard, in the video, yelling at the ring.

Diaz hears him, grabs the bottle, and throws it sparking a scuffle that lasted a couple minutes. Diaz and DeMoor never came together as security was on them rather quickly.


The reactions have been flooding in from Diaz’s rival Conor McGregor tweeting about it to YouTuber Adin Ross posting a video of himself showing UFC president Dana White the video and getting his reaction to it.



This comes as Diaz prepares to fight Jake Paul in Dallas, TX on Aug 6.

The last time we saw Diaz in action was at UFC 279 where he defeated Tony Ferguson via submission in the main event. Diaz’s contract with the UFC was up after that and the Stockton native left the promotion.