Abdoul “Lazy King” Abdouraguimov Has “Firm Promise” from UFC to Fight in September in Paris

Abdoul Abdouraguimov
Abdoul Abdouraguimov (right) Credit: Brave CF

Ares FC double champion Abdoul Abdouraguimov (16-1), better known as the ‘Lazy King,’ has reportedly been promised a spot on the next UFC Paris card.

RMC Sport Combat, a French publication, revealed the news after acquiring the information from MMA Factory head coach Fernand Lopez. The quote, posted originally in French, translates as, “@LazyKingMMA has a firm promise from the UFC to fight in September in Paris.”

Abdouraguimov recently became the only double champion in Ares FC history when he moved up from welterweight to middleweight to fight Rafal Haratyk; he came from behind to win with only 25 seconds left in the fight by kneebar.

The fighter himself also seemed to confirm the report, as several replies he left to fans on Twitter said he wanted to fight at lightweight but would fight at welterweight if he had to in order to fight on the card. One such tweet translated as, “The objective is 70 [kilograms] but if for Paris they offer 77 [kg] then let’s go.”

For some time now, fans have clamored for the UFC to sign Abdouraguimov. Although it does not seem one-hundred percent confirmed, as Lopez only said that Abdoul was promised a fight, not that he had been signed by the UFC, things are certainly looking promising.

A recent tweet from Italian MMA journalist Al Zullino in March also reported the date for the second UFC Paris event in history as being in September 2023.

“Lazy King” is one of the biggest stars in the rapidly growing French MMA scene and his meteoric rise signifies the growth of that country’s MMA talent ever since the sport was legalized in 2020 by the French Ministry of Sports.