Bellator 290: Brennan Ward Wants Dalton Rosta Next

Inglewood, CA – Bellator middleweight Brennan Ward extended his win streak to three following his TKO victory over Sabah Homasi at Bellator 290 on Saturday night.

“I feel like it (the fight) lived up to the hype, right? We knew we were going to bang out and we banged out,” Ward told Cageside Press among other media at his post-fight scrum.

“We both took some big shots. We both took some damage, and I came out on the winning side of it. I think the fans, everyone got what they wanted out of that.”

Both Ward and Homasi are well known for their finishing ability, and the fight did end up living up to the expectations that many fans had for the bout.

“I thought I was going to get into my rhythm earlier, I really did man. He backed away. He was good at, he was pretty evasive. I thought were going to stand, I really did, I thought we were going to f*cking stand. I thought I was going to be able to come in like real snappy 1-2’s,” Ward said.

“Every time I went to load up, I kind of load up on my jab, and he was gone.”

During the scrum Ward was asked if five years ago he thought he’d be opening up a Bellator card on CBS. The answer told a story that would take a lot longer to tell with the detail it deserves.

“I didn’t want it then because I was doing so bad already like in that…I was already on that downward spiral. It turned me off to…I knew I didn’t deserve to be here so it made me like resent fighting. I wasn’t earning it, so then I didn’t want it. If you would have told me (that back then) I would have been like f*ck that, I’m not, I don’t even want to fight,” Ward said.

“But two years ago? Three years ago? Dude, if you told me that, asked me that question two or three years ago I would have…I wanted to come back so bad. It seemed so far out of reach. So far. I was down the worst f*cking rabbit hole you can imagine.”

“It was hard. It’s been a long road.”

So what is next for Ward? Well starting off with his in-cage call out of Dalton Rosta might be a good idea.

“Obviously it’s up to Bel- my coach is pissed at me. They want me staying at 170 dude he’s like ‘You’re not as big as you used to be that f*cking kid’s way bigger than you, and better looking and f*cking more jacked!’ I’m like f*ck dude, f*ck. He’s like ‘You’re jealous of him!,” Ward laughed.

“Nah dude me and Dalton have been f*cking poking at each other dude. Would it be a fun super fight? I think it would be fun. You know that would be a fun ass fight.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Breannan Ward above.