UFC 283: Gabriel Bonfim Takes Under a Minute to Submit Mounir Lazzez

Gabriel Bonfim and Mounir Lazzez. UFC 283
Gabriel Bonfim and Mounir Lazzez. UFC 283 weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

Undefeated welterweight Gabriel Bonfim made his octagon debut, alongside brother Ismael, at UFC 283 on Saturday night. For his part, Gabriel was paired up with Mounir Lazzez, and competing just a couple of fights removed from the debut of his brother.

Lazzez, who fought just once in 2022, entered the night off a win over Ange Loosa. He also had a tough act to father, after brother Ismael turned in a Knockout of the Year contender by flatlining Terrance McKinney.

Mounir Lazzez started the fight throwing some heavy kicks. Brazil’s Gabriel Bonfim responded with his hands, cracking Lazzez with a few rights. Lazzez was in trouble, and he ducked his head into the clinch. Doing that he left his neck exposed and Bonfim jumped on a guillotine. It was tight and Lazzez had no choice but to tap. All in under a minute, with another big finish for Gabriel Bonfim, who improved to 14-0 with the victory.

“The Bonfim brothers are here to be champions,” Gabriel Bonfim exclaimed following the bout. “One at lightweight, one at welterweight. We’re here to make history!” They very well may, as arguably the most promising siblings to enter the UFC in years.

Official Result: Gabriel Bonfim def. Mounir Lazzez by submission (guillotine), Round 1, 0:49