Dillon Danis Gets in Not One but Two Altercations at Misfits Boxing 3 Weigh-In

Dillon Danis
Dillon Danis Credit: Twitter/IFL TV

After going at it with Nate Diaz following UFC 281 (just two weeks after lifting a certain media outlet’s video to make it seem like he attended the Paul-Silva card in Arizona — you’re welcome, Dillon), Dillon Danis is back in the news once again.

This time, the jiu-jitsu ace and occasional MMA fighter — we think he still counts as one — got into not one, but two altercations at Friday’s Misfits Boxing 3 weigh-in.

Initially, a seemingly staged confrontation with KSI, who is helping promote the card featuring ex-UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy facing Hasim Rahman Jr, among others, appeared to go south when Danis threw what can only be described as a weak left hand.

Danis could be overheard telling the Youtuber to “sign the contract” and insisted that he could choke him out. When KSI responded by saying that he could knock Danis out, the Bellator-signed fighter replied with “do it right now” before firing the first blow.

It was all caught on camera by DAZN, who are streaming the Misfits card, not surprisingly.

A second, seemingly more impromptu encounter with fellow Bellator fighter Anthony Taylor then broke out a short time later, with Taylor upset that Danis had called out a boxer, rather than an MMA fighter.

“You can’t be doing that, bro. Pick on an MMA fighter, bro. Pick on an MMA fighter. Because I’ll beat your ass in the street right now,” Taylor was overheard hollering at Danis.

Taylor (7-5 MMA), who has competed as a boxer several times since a 2020 win over Diaz-alum Chris Avila in the Bellator cage, dropped a whole lot of N-bombs while working his way to Danis — eventually getting close enough to land a solid punch.

From there, about 30 seconds of pandemonium ensued, caught on camera by IFL TV, who were following Danis after he had been ejected from the venue.

An unknown individual can also be heard telling those involved to “calm the f*ck down, or no one gets paid,” suggesting that perhaps in this case, an attempt at some extra promotion went sideways.

Danis last fought in June of 2019, and is 2-0 in MMA, with both fights coming inside the Bellator cage. In the years since, he’s wound up in more backstage incidents than he has pro fights, becoming a constant target for ridicule online as a result.

Misfits Boxing 3 takes place Saturday, November 19, 2022 in Austin, TX.