UFC Vegas 62: Jacob Malkoun Wants to Perform Live How He Has in the Gym

Las Vegas, NV — Australia’s Jacob Malkoun got back in the win column at UFC Vegas 62 on Saturday, winning a three-round decision over “Diaz Army” member Nick Maximov.

Following the fight, Malkoun told media outlets including Cageside Press that he was happy with the win — but still hadn’t matched his performances in the gym.

“I think I did well. I’ve got to watch it back, to be honest. I still don’t think I’ve competed as well as I have in the training room,” Malkoun said. “So I’ve got to start to perform in the cage the way I do training, and I think everything will start happening from there. I’ve just got to get the experience and get comfortable.”

“I’m happy I got the win. Pretty dominant performance. But I think I’ve got to start performing like I do in the gym.”

Maximov injured his leg during the fight, and Malkoun was called out by the UFC commentary team for not attacking the limb more.

“I kind of picked up that it was hurt a little bit, but I didn’t want to change what I did, just because, I don’t know. He could be doing that for me to attack his leg to counter me with big bombs,” Malkoun explained. “I think that’s the only thing he really had, a big right hand, a big hook. So if I started looking at his legs too much, maybe he would have caught me and put me away.”

“I saw he was hurt, but I didn’t want to stray from my game plan. Looking back, maybe I should have attacked it a little more, but that’s how it goes. For the next fight, it’s a learning experience.”

Next up, Malkoun is hoping to get on the docket for the UFC’s return to Australia. “It’s probably going to be the Perth fight in February. Just got to get home, have a couple of weeks, enjoying training, have a bit of fun, and get back on the horse then.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 62 post-fight press conference appearance by Jacob Malkoun above.