RIZIN 39: Juntaro Ushiku vs. Kleber Koike Signed, More Fights Announced

Kleber Koike Erbst RIZIN
Kleber Koike Erbst vs Kazumasu Majima, RIZIN 27 Credit: RIZIN FF

RIZIN 39, set to take place at the Marine Messe in Fukuoka, Japan on October 23, 2022, continues to grow.

On Thursday, RIZIN Fighting Federation officials announced the signing of the previously reported main event between featherweight champ Juntaro Ushiku and Kleber Koike. While the title fight had previously been announced, contracts had not been signed as Koike had been out of he country.

In addition to the contract signing, more fights were also announced for RIZIN 39 in Thursday’s press release, including the 15th appearance in the promotion by Yusuke Yachi. Among the bouts announced are:

  • Tsuyoshi Sudario (5-1) vs Janos Csukas (7-0)
  • Yusuke Yachi (23-13) vs Boyd Allen (16-4-1)
  • Takahiro Ashida (25-12-2) vs Hirotaka Nakada (5-3)
  • Shinji Sasaki (20-12-3) vs Sho Patrick Usami (4-1)

Featherweight title challenger Koike was confident at a press conference announcing the news. “I am finally getting the fight I deserve and I will win. I appreciate your support. Ushiku is a good champ but I’m not worried. He’s only fought twice in RIZIN and against lower skilled opponents. I have fought much better opponents.”

A former KSW champ, Kleber Koike Erbst (30-5-1) is a Brazilian-born Japanese featherweight who is undefeated under the RIZIN banner. He’s won five straight fights, all via submission.

Champ Juntaro Ushiku (22-8-1) has won four straight, with two of those bouts coming in RIZIN. He won the promotion’s featherweight title in his debut, against Yutaka Saito, then defended the belt in a rematch.


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