LFA 142: Michael Cyr Looking To Finish Sean McPadden Any Way Possible – Hopefully By Knockout

Michael Cyr, LFA 121
Michael Cyr, LFA 121 weigh-in Credit: Legacy Fighting Alliance

Four fights, four finishes. Michael Cyr doesn’t like leaving his fights in the hands of judges, and he doesn’t plan on doing that on Friday.

Cyr is coming off a third-round submission win at LFA 121 against Alden Coria, in which he was a heavy underdog. It was his LFA debut, and he made a big splash in the bantamweight division.

However, the 27-year-old could not capitalize on his big win because he broke his hand and has been out for eight months.

“I broke my hand in that fight. Broke my right hand in like the first 30 seconds. It just went numb, but it wasn’t bad. I mean, I kept throwing it, but every time I threw it, you know, when I would punch him in the face and, or wherever it just would kind of just smoosh. I couldn’t keep a grip or whatever. So my right hand had no power,” Cyr told Cageside Press in a recent interview. “So really, the jab was the only thing I really hit him with the whole fight. But yeah, it felt okay. It just took a long time to heal. It was pretty broken in three spots. But yeah, it just took a while to really actually heal, and even to this day, it feels a little weird.”

“I ended up hurting my foot later on, right before getting a fight in like July or June, somewhere in there. I was ready to go. I stayed in the gym, even with my hand being broken. It wasn’t bad. I kept doing jujitsu, and Pablo would hold mitts for me, left-handed throwing kicks and stuff.”

On top of hurting his hand in his last fight, Cyr took the fight on very short notice, so his cardio was ‘trashed.’ With all of that against him, he still picked up the win.

Now with a full training camp and mostly healed up, Cyr is really looking to put on a show.

He faces Sean McPadden (5-1) on the LFA 142 main card and is excited because he sees a lot of similarities.

He’s looking to finish his opponent just like he has in all of his fights thus far.

“We got similar styles. Not a whole lot of wrestling between either one of us, but when it goes to the ground, I mean, he’s got pretty much all submissions, and so do I,” Cyr said. “I think it’s just the things that I’ve seen were pretty similar. So that’s kind of cool. It’ll be interesting where the fight goes. I know what I want to do, but it’s just gonna be interesting to see it. He has fought some good guys and he’s got a good record.”

Cyr is looking to keep his 100% finish rate intact but hopes to get another knockout on his resume.

“I definitely will always look for the finish. I’d love to get another submission or, I mean, even better, a knockout. I’ve only got one of those. So that’d be cool. But either way, I mean, I’m not going to push it too much. In my last fight, I had to be really patient and wait until the third round for that to happen. But, you know, I’m not going to force anything. I always go into it and take what comes. But, you know, I think this time around, I don’t think anything’s gonna be different. I think it may take a while. But we’ll see,” Cyr said.

Watch the rest of our interview with Michael Cyr above. LFA 142 goes down this Friday exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.


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