DWCS 2022 Week 6 Breakdown and Predictions

Future FC 7 Maria Silva
Credit: Future FC Facebook

Strawweight: Viktoriya Dudakova Vs. Maria Silva

Tale of the tape

Viktoriya Dudakova
Volgograd, Russia
Alex Fitness
1 KO/TKO, 4 Submissions
Combined opponent’s record: 18-8
Maria Silva
Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
Dragon Kombat
3 KO/TKOs, 3 Submission
Combined opponent’s record: 16-1

Pros and Cons

Viktoriya Dudakova


  • Excellent jiu-jitsu
  • Slick off her back
  • Scrambles well
  • Submission threat
  • Good back take
  • Fast hands
  • Good footwork


  • Can be submission before position
  • 50/50 clinch takedowns
  • Will give up positions

Maria Silva


  • Excellent kickboxing
  • Submission threat
  • Decent wrestling
  • Athletic
  • Explosive
  • Good movement
  • Physically strong
  • Fast hands
  • Puts together kicks and punches together well
  • Good clinch work


  • TDD needs a little work

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Silva
Speed: Silva
Output/Volume: Silva
Kickboxing: Silva
Striking defense: Even
Footwork/movement: Silva
Wrestling: Silva
Grappling: Dudakova
More likely to finish on the mat: Dudakova
Gas tank: Silva

Prediction: I really like this fight between two women I think are UFC level.

Silva won last season on the Contender Series and in her last fight beat a top prospect, Ewelina Wozniak. She’s proven to be at a high level whereas Dudakova is beating lower-level competition. Dudakova is a 2019 IMMAF European champion so she’s accomplished as well however.

Silva has shown a more well-rounded game compared to Dudakova. Dudakova has brief flashes on the feet but it’s the grappling she thrives in. Getting it to the mat is what I think is going to be her downfall. Dudakova likes those upper body clinch takedowns using trips. Many times in her career utilizing that technique, other women have been able to shift their hips and land on top. Silva being the much stronger fighter I see her winning those 50/50 takedowns all day.

Dudakova is good off her back but this time she’s fighting an equal grappler that’s stronger. On the feet, Silva is going to be more comfortable and is going to get better as the fight goes on. I like Silva confidently but Dudakova is no slouch.


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