DWCS 2022 Week 6 Breakdown and Predictions

SD Dumas
SD Dumas Credit: Tapology

Middleweight: Matej Penaz Vs. Sedriques Dumas

Tale of the tape

Matej Penaz
Brno, Czech Republic
Reinders MMA
Combined opponent’s record: 49-40-1
Sedriques Dumas
Pensacola, Florida, US
Port City Combat Sports
4 KO/TKOs, 1 Submission
Combined opponent’s record: 18-22

Pros and Cons

Matej Penaz


  • Strong kickboxing base
  • Long straight punches
  • Good one-two
  • Improved TDD
  • Good jab
  • Good ground and pound
  • Good knees
  • Explosive
  • Good right hand
  • Dangerous in burst
  • Mixes in punches and kicks


  • Will give up his back
  • Struggles against the cage
  • Vulnerable in exchanges
  • Can swing too wide

SD Dumas


  • Uses feints well
  • Excellent kickboxing
  • Hits hard
  • Physically strong
  • Good jab
  • Strike long well
  • Strong leg kicks
  • Solid jiu-jitsu
  • Good ground and pound
  • Knockout power
  • Scrambles well


  • TDD needs work

Who has the advantages?

Striking: Penaz
Speed: Penaz
Output/Volume: Penaz
Kickboxing: Even
Striking defense: Dumas
Footwork/movement: Penaz
Wrestling: Dumas
Grappling: Dumas
More likely to finish on the mat: Dumas
Gas tank: Dumas

Prediction: I’m very excited for this fight between two dangerous strikers with a ton of upside.

Penaz is the experienced kickboxer but I’m just as impressed with the kickboxing of Dumas if not a little more. However, even though I like the striking of Penaz a little more Dumas is a bit more defensively responsible.

The biggest factor is the wrestling and grappling of Dumas. Penaz has decent takedown defense but does get controlled in the clinch. Dumas is a big dude so I’m sure he can control Penaz in positions and eventually work him down.

Penaz does have issues exposing his back when getting back up and Dumas is good at taking the back. The clearest advantage for anyone in this fight is the jiu-jitsu of Dumas. The best path to victory for Penaz is to throw more output and use his speed and footwork on the outside. Dumas can use his wrestling and grappling and also make Penaz fight off his back foot. Dumas has more ways to win and he is my pick in this fight.


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