UFC San Diego: Yazmin Jauregui Expected A War, Wants November Return


San Diego, CA – After a very close firefight at UFC San Diego flyweight Yazmin Jauregui earned her first UFC win against Iasmin Lucindo on Saturday night.

“Obviously very happy for the opportunity, very grateful, very grateful for my team for having been there all along. They pushed me, they prepared me, my family is always there next to me as well. And the people always there behind me,” Jauregui told Cageside Press among other media through a translator at her post-fight scrum.

“There’s also a little engine in my life, my son who’s watching, and all I have to say it this is great and this is for you.”

Jauregui was sure her son watched the fight.

“I’m pretty sure that he watched it and he said, ‘Mom! That’s my mom! And my gift?’,” she said.

After a wild fight with Lucindo UFC president Dana White was so impressed he met Jauregui as she left the cage.

“That’s exactly what I expected, a war. She’s such a young athlete, so much hunger, and she came out to kill. So that’s exactly what we expected,” Jauregui said.

The ovation Jauregui received during her walk to the cage was louder than anybody else’s on the night.

“I really felt it. I mean I could feel it. There’s a lot of people that follow me. There’s a lot of people that support me. There’s people that watch my journey and the hard work that I put in and they know that when I come into that cage it’s for a battle. It’s for a war,” she said.

“It’s just freaking amazing the fact that everybody was just yelling. Yes I felt it!”

White spoke with Jauregui right outside the cage with a hug and some words for the flyweight.

“He was very happy with the performance. He was very happy with the fight and how it went down. He was very excited to see me fighting in the future and he expects bigger things from me in the future,” Jauregui said.

Jauregui mentioned that she would like to return to the octagon in November to put in a hard camp for her next fight, and she does not care where the fight is.

“Wherever they put me we’re going to fight!”

Watch the entire post-fight media scrum with Yazmin Jauregui above.


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