UFC Vegas 59: Bryan Battle Laughs Off Botched Bryan Barberena Call Out

Las Vegas, NV – Sometimes, calling someone out goes wrong. But in a funny way.

Bryan Battle picked up his most significant win in the UFC when he brutally knocked out Takashi Sato with a head kick in 44 seconds at UFC Vegas 59 on Saturday.

Battle’s knockout of Sato was his first finish in the UFC and his third win in the promotion.

After his vicious knockout, Battle got on the mic during his in-cage interview and called out Ian Garry and Bryan Barberena. During the interview with Michael Bisping, Battle stated that one of the reasons why he called out Barberena was because of the way he spells his name.

“If I can’t get Ian Garry, there’s another dude in this division with the name Bryan- Bryan Barberena. I had to watch him take out one of my heroes [Robbie Lawler] a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think this division is big enough for two Bryan’s,” Battle said. “Not to mention, you spell your name wrong, dog. I don’t like the way you spell your name. It’s Bryan with a Y.”

Well, if you might have noticed, Battle messed up because Barberena spells his name the same way, and he responded to Battle on Twitter shortly after the call out.

Back in the media room for his post-fight interview, Battle admitted he messed up and laughed it off while responding to the tweet.

“I know! Uggggh. I messed that up so bad,” Battle told Cageside Press. “They told me that as soon as I went backstage, and I was like ‘God! I’m an idiot! Dang!'”

“I can’t even say anything back. You know, I’m saying like? There’s no response. I messed it up. So, yeah. Fair play.”

As for his other call-out, Battle just thinks Garry’s name is hot at the moment, though he hasn’t been all that impressive in the TUF champ’s opinion.

“So, with Ian Garry, I’m looking at him, you know, what I’m saying, he’s hot right now. He’s got a lot of clout, and a lot of people are paying attention to him. He’s supposed to be the next Conor McGregor, and you know, I’m just watching him fight, and I’m not that impressed,” Battle said. “As far as people who are unranked go, that’s probably the most high-profile match-up I can get. So, I mean, I’m not the only one who wants to fight that dude.”

Watch the rest of Bryan Battle’s UFC Vegas 59 post-fight interview above.