Cage Warriors 141: Mike Figlak “Just Scraping the Top” Of What He Wants to Achieve in MMA

London, England — Polish born and England raised, lightweight prospect Mike Figlak has been turning heads over the past couple of years.

Figlak, who improved to 8-0 on Friday at Cage Warriors 141, has been steadily fighting increasingly difficult competition. In his most recent outing, that came in the form of Agy Sardari, his most experienced opponent to date — and a former champion in the promotion.

The fight went the distance, and Figlak saw his hand raised, winning the bout on all three scorecards.

“I came in, I knew I was fighting a tough former champion, but I got the job done,” Figlak told Cageside Press following the fight. “I knew he wasn’t going to stand a chance, I won every single round no problem. I am the best. Eight fights, 8-0, six in Cage Warriors, haven’t lost a round in my career. I deserve the title, let’s go.”

The secret to his hot start is MMA is simple, Figlak stated. “Eleven years, I don’t take any breaks. I haven’t been on no holidays. All I do is grind, grind and grind every single day. I’m going to go home now, and probably on Monday, I’m back in the gym, I’m back doing something. I can’t just sit down and do nothing.”

Figlak believes he’s only now approaching the sort of heights he wants to reach in mixed martial arts.

“I’m just scraping the top of what I want to achieve in this sport,” he exclaimed. “So there is no taking rests. Don’t stop in the middle, I’ll stop at the end maybe, when I’m the GOAT.”

Watch our full Cage Warriors 141 post-fight interview with Mike Figlak above.